PS4 and Super Mario Bros Should be Together

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The world will attest that the fame of Super Mario is a much deserved honor. Recognized as a legend in the video game industry, Super Mario evolved from an arcade game to a game we can find on phones. The birth of Super Mario Bros was part of Nintendo’s action to bring back the life of video games since it happened to be falling on a cliff in 1983. Their sweat and hard work paid off as they saw its rise.

From different versions to different platforms, the game has widened its horizon since the beginning. However, at present, there is still a lack of partnership between huge tech companies. Gamers await for the day to see Super Mario Bros PS4 game.

Aside from Nintendo, another well-known brand of consoles has been making its name in the industry. It produced multiple units from PlayStations to PlayStations Portable. This company is Sony.  Considered as competitors in the industry, both Nintendo and Sony have ensured that they offer their best to bring the mass to their side. Conversely, people in the tech world have been advising both brands to get in touch with one another and remove the mighty competition. People believe that this instance will connect their supports and create a better community of gamers. Perhaps this can start with the development of Super Mario Bros PS4 game.


The Rivals

Back in time, Sony and Nintendo agreed on a deal to work together. The collaboration went well for a period of time until Nintendo figured out that the project will greatly just favor Sony. This resulted to Nintendo turning its back against Sony, leaving it hanging with the project and came crawling to Philips, another tech company. During that time, the issue between Nintendo and Sony was a big controversy and caused multiple arguments and competition. Both companies inherit this rivalry to the point that Super Mario Bros PS4 game hasn’t received the spot it deserves.

Noting the belligerent past both company have, many are insisting to put everything behind and start all over. Nintendo and Sony already reached their peak in their respective fields, and the only way to go onward with this success is for them to team up together. Gamers love Sony’s PS4 and gamers are attached to classic games like Super Mario Bros – so make Super Mario Bros PS4 game happen. The industry is excited to see a successful partnership for both. It will not only benefit both companies, it will also become a hit for the lovers of games.

The Might of PS4

PlayStation 4 (PS4) is known for its superior architecture. It is best for people who enjoy everything from mainstream to independent games. PS4 has the best visuals and enables multiplayers to play conveniently. Gamers of different ages admire this console for its high-tech specs and advanced technological features. Nonetheless, PS4 offers gamers the experience of a lifetime and it would please the hearts of many if they expand their range to produce a Super Mario Bros PS4 game. Nintendo surely is open to share their Super Mario Bros to others. Just recently, they launched Super Mario Run on Apple’s iOS.

It is no doubt that Super Mario Bros is attached to all the generations it passed by. Tenen-ten-tenen-ten-ten-ten-ten….. is a song so common to us that even without lyrics, people of all ages can sing along with it. The impact of Super Mario Bros is big not only in the industry of gaming but in the entire word. It is known to selling millions of units and inspiring other video games. It is surely a gift to see more projects identical to the idea of Super Mario Bros PS4 game. The game deserves to be more exposed in top-notch platforms, especially in PlayStation 4.

How to Install a 1394 Net Adapter

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IEEE 1394 (or FireWire) is an external computer interface, like USB or eSata, that allows connection between PCs and devices like cameras and hard drives. It was developed by Apple in 1995 and, at the time, provided the fastest external connection that was possible at speeds up to 3200Mbps. Since USB has proven itself to be more consumer friendly, it has become rare to find FireWire ports in newer desktop and laptop PCs. However if you find you’re in need of using FireWire to connect to a camera or external hard drive there are options for adding these ports to your computer.


Find out which kind of interface you need for your PC. You can purchase add-on cards that will provide you with 1 fo 3 FireWire ports. Decide how many ports you would like to have available, then pick the card that is most compatible with your PC. Cards come in two “flavors:” PCI and PCI Express. PCI is a typical connection slot that you will find inside your computer. PCI Express is a newer variation on PCI. The PCI Express slot used by a 1394 adapter card will be very small, almost one-third the length of the PCI slot. Open up your desktop PC before purchasing the adapter card to find out which slot you have.

Plug the adapter card into the PC. Line up the card with the correct slot and press down firmly (do not force). You will feel it catch and the front plate should line up with a screw hole or plastic catch that lines the side of your case. Once the card is secure, replace the cover over the desktop.

Turn your computer on and let it boot into your operating system. Your adapter card may or may not have come with a driver disc. Newer versions of operating systems should be able to automatically recognize the card. Make sure that your operating system hasn’t been able to identify the card before you attempt to install anything.

Check the connection with your device. If you were trying to connect a FireWire hard drive to your PC, plug it into one of the ports on the back of the desktop and make sure everything is working. It’s even a good idea to try each port on the back, just to make sure you didn’t purchase an adapter card that is having any issues.

Instructions 2

Find out which kind of interface your laptop uses. Laptops use two different connections for add-on cards: PCMCIA (PC Card) and ExpressCard. The documentation that came with your laptop should be able to point you in the right direction, but a quicker way would be to look at the slot itself. If not expressly labeled, you can still tell by the width of the slot. PCMCIA will just over 2 inches wide, while the ExpressCard slot will be 1 1/3 inches.

Insert the adapter into the add-on card slot in your laptop. For PCMCIA slots, simply slide the adapter in until it stops. For ExpressCard, you will feel the card “catch” as it makes contact. Lightly pull against the ExpressCard adapter to make sure it is secured in the slot and will not slide out.

Boot up your laptop and see if your operating system automatically detects the new IEEE 1394 ports. If it does, you are good to go. If not, utilize whatever drivers came with your new adapter card.